Park Event Permit Application

A Park Event Permit is required to hold an event in either of the City of King's parks (Central Park or Recreation Acres).
Click 'Register' to fill out and submit an application for a Park Event Permit. (Must be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department at least 45 days in advance of the event)


After you click 'Register,' you will be directed to a page which outlines the $25 permit fee. Choose the name of the member who is submitting the Park Event Application, and choose 'Park Event Permit - $25.00' for Fee Type. Hit 'Save.' This will take you to your Shopping Cart, which should list the Park Event Permit Application. Click 'Go to Checkout.' You must accept the waiver, and will then be directed to fill out the Permit Application Form. Once you have filled it out, you may choose the "Pay Later" option to be mailed an invoice, which will include the permit fee and any other applicable fees. Click 'Process Now' to submit the application to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Program Type Event
Program Subcategory -
Program Code -
Online Registration Yes
Enrollment Begin Date 1/3/2022
Enrollment End Date 12/31/2022
Instructor(s) -
Gender Any Gender
Enrollment Minimum -
Maximum -
Grade Minimum -
Maximum -
Age Minimum -
Maximum -
Park Event Permit
Residency Restriction -None-
Membership Restrictions -
Amount $25.00